Best & Profitable Tool for poultry farming

From managing your hatchery to raising your chicks to selling your final produce. Effortlessly and remotely taking records of your farming operations  = say no to paper work

The #1 Smart poultry farm management software for over 500 Brands

Build and retrieve your farm data fast.

Analyze your data. Plan your strategy. Then track your performance. Get the details you need to know to make your best business decisions.

Manage from any location.

You can conveniently input or retrieve your farm data remotely from anywhere in the world with little or no internet connection. And can be confident that your digital record-keeping is current, safe and secure.


Simple interface to Input farm records any time, anywhere from any device.

Stores all of your farm’s data in one place, and generates reports easily any time, anywhere from any device.

Easy and Coherent

Efficiently and conveniently stores all your feeding, vaccination, egg production, hatchery, staff management, income and expenses data.

Improved Profitability

Optimizes costs and improves profits by keeping track of sales, expenses, payments and analyzing farm economics. - Free Poultry Farm Expert Advice Inclusive.

Prompt Notifications

You can pre determine your feed type, breed type and set vaccination program to get notifications.

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