13 Hacks On How To Promote Your Poultry Business

 13 Hacks On How To Promote Your Poultry Business

  Starting a business is very okay but how to run, maintain, scale through and achieve success/profit is the main work. As a poultry farmer, once you start your business, rearing of your birds is more tasking but, in other to yields your profit especially if you are doing your business for commercial purposes, promoting your poultry birds/business should be done with paramount interest/attention. That is the major key to achieving your desired results. You can promote your business through increasing the awareness of your business on social media pages such as WhatsApp status, Facebook and Instagram handles. By posting your fresh, attractive and beautifully designed packaged poultry goods on your social media page. Your ability to promote your business and also have great marketing strategies would give your business its boom.


  • Connect with hotels, restaurants, catering services and relevant stores to get bulk orders
  • Get listed on the business directories and goggle pages to provide easy access
  • Offer a variety of birds in your poultry  farm to give variation to customers
  • Start a home delivery through a website or an application to provide more customer satisfaction
  • Create a professional website, eye-catchy logo and optimize the site with store images, in-house videos, location and social links to show reliability of the business

NOTE:  If you want to sell your products (poultry eggs), sell both in retail and wholesale quantities, try to look for a good location to rent a store then stock your goods from the farm and sell them to Wholesalers and retailers.

  • Make use of the internet (the world is now interconnected as a global village); you can promote your poultry business through social media pages. Also, do try to have a strong networking so that people can order products online. If it cannot be attainable online, make your products easily recognizable so that it can be easily identified to be bought on any grocery stores, mall or supermarkets.
  • Writing of proposals with a good command of English and grammar, send them to managers of restaurants/hotels. You can also offer your services to be their major supplier of poultry eggs and meat. Restaurants and hotels always have food with poultry foods made with eggs or meat in their menu and they have to get eggs and meat from somewhere. You can apply to be their regular supplier of meats and fresh eggs. However, if they already have their supplier of poultry products already, you can offer them a mouth-watering incentives in other to become their new business partner
  • Employ marketers who can be of great help to increase the sale of your poultry products. For the salaries/wages of the marketers, you can give them commission from a certain percentage of the sales being made.
  • Feeding of your birds should be of paramount importance. Give your birds feeds in the appropriate quantity and quality. Good quality feed will give you a high-quality egg/meat. If you want your products to be of high quality, bigger birds with good meat and big eggs, do pay adequate attention to the quality of the feeds that you feed them.
  • Always advertise your poultry products. When your products are being advertised, it helps to increase the awareness of your products to the general public and that creates a great room for patronage
  • Endeavour to set budgets (long/short term budget). If you keep yourself on track, you would have to be on budget and plan your marketing strategies according to your lay-down goals in your calendar
  • Constant monitoring and evaluation of your marketing plan. This helps to monitor your business failures, success and progress of the business
  • Make sure you build a listing or database of all customers that have patronized your business or contacted you. This is very salient as it will give you a ready patronage/market that is only a phone call or email away.

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