Why Most Poultry Farmers Suck at Poultry Farming

The word ‘suck’ is a term used for referring to something that is bad. That is, something done without the commensurate or expected result…  According to, the term originated from jazz musicians. The early Jazz musicians would say that someone could really "Blow" if he had a good sound when playing thehorn...  If he couldn't play very well, then they would say…


Important Food Ingredients For Layers

There are very important ingredients that must be present in layers’feed and they include; SaltCalciumVitaminsProteinProteinWater Salt: Every animal needs salt. If you subtract salt from the food list it will reduce the egg production rate. Most of the animal’s food contains salt in the form of sodium chloride. It doesn’t contain any iodine. Sodium is an important nutrient which plays…