About us

Docpol is a collaborative work amongst poultry farms and IT firms including “Mikobi Farms”, “FezNotchis” and “City Digital Consults”–all located in the Southern Nigeria. This platform is powered by a team of Agro Professionals, institutes and Vert doctors; with many years of experience in Poultry Farming and its value chain in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

We are group of experienced poultry farmers, veterinary doctors, information technology and business developers who have come together to assist small scale poultry farmers to achieve high threshold profitability by employing best practices and accessing the market directly using technology. Docpol.com is an ict4ag project groomed by cta and supported by tef.There are some fundamental practices that every poultry farmer needs to adopt to realize better yields! We tackle chicks brooding and rearing problems faced daily by poultry farmers through our packages which include: “Expert production guide”, “Report disease”, “Poultry training”, etc. All at affordable fees! To start enjoying our services click  www.docpol.com/pricing

We provide you with instant weight analysis, profit analysis, spacing and feeding programs of your birds. You can register your batch of birds immediately they arrive and start getting automated weekly guides in actionable formats to ensure maximum output. 

You can report any disease or anomaly with your birds and get tailored solution by dedicated vet doctors and poultry experts in less than one hour!

We provide a marketplace where the public can buy or sell poultry goods and services at a reasonable profit by dealing directly with vendors and/or consumers in your locality.

On docpol you can join discussions on the forum of great minds in the poultry industry.Also, there are lots of ebooks to download free of charge


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