Profitable Broiler Farming

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About Course

This course is a blend of broiler and cockerel farming expertise and experience. Putting this learning in good use can assure you, the farmer the following: 1) Standard weight gain of your broilers 2) Less 5% mortality rate 3) Uniformed growth 4) Clean and healthy birds 5) High returns



This course teaches how to run a broiler chicken production efficiently with low costs, low mortality, quicker turnover and consequently higher profits. Understand the metrics and economies of broiler farming; metrics like temperature, humidity, ammonia content, air quality and many more.


The course concentrates on broiler welfare which involves, proper housing, stocking, spacing, feeding, heating, lighting, hygiene practices, vaccination and symptoms of sick chickens. You will be able to understand notable diseases namely bird flu, new castle, coryza, IBD, mycloplasma, ascites and collibacilos.


What Will I Learn?

  • 1) Learn proper housing and equipment for broiler farming
  • 2) Learn how to Stock and brood broiler chicks effectively
  • 3) Achieve clean and healthy point of sale broilers
  • 4) Draft daily and weekly routines in their farms

Topics for this course

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Preparing to Farm Broilers?

There are some provisions you must make as you venture into broiler production. Broiler farming simply means brooding and rearing birds for meat. Therefore, if you are aspiring or preparing to go into broiler production, you must provide following: 1) Capital 2) Land 3) Housing 4) Farm equipment 5) Labor 6) Raw materials
Setting Up Your Farm
Broiler Farm Preparation Quiz

Brooding your broilers?

This topic explains in details what you will do before your day old chicks arrive. You will learn the best brooding practices and get abreast with the different metrics and economies of brooding starting from week one

Managing Your Broilers?

Managing your broilers very well, guarantees high returns! Consideration of bird welfare at all times, understanding the elements of the production chain and the transition phases between them, the need for observation of changes in the birds and in their environment. Appropriate management responses to the continually changing requirements of the bird.

Practical Stockmanship?

Good and practical stockmanship does not only ensure that all birds are subject to the "Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare" which are Freedom from hunger and thirst.•Freedom from discomfort.•Freedom from pain, injury, and disease.•Freedom to express normal behavior.•Freedom from fear and distress, but it ensures efficiency and profitability.

Provision of Feed and Water?

To provide the broiler’s lifetime nutrient requirements through appropriate broiler nutrition and broiler feeding programs so that biological performance can be optimized without compromising bird welfare or the environment. The drinking and feeding systems, together with their management, will impact upon feed and water intake and the ability to supply a defined feeding program to the bird.

Broiler Farm Hygiene?

Learning how to implement a clear program of hygiene management for farm site biosecurity, and site cleaning and disinfection

Lighting Program for Broilers?

Lighting and how it is managed (hours of light and dark and how light is distributed throughout the day) can impact both broiler productivity and welfare. Broilers benefit from having a defined pattern of light and dark (day and night), creating distinct periods for rest and activity. A number of important physiological and behavioral processes follow normal diurnal rhythms. Therefore, defined cycles of light and dark allow broilers to experience natural patterns of growth, development, and behavior.

Monitoring Live Weight and Uniformity of Performance?

To assess live flock performance by regularly weighing birds and comparing against targets to ensure that defined end product specifications are as closely met as possible. Profitability depends upon maximization of the proportion of birds closely meeting target specifications. This requires predictable and uniform growth.Growth management depends upon the knowledge of past, present, and likely future growth performance. This knowledge, and safe subsequent actions, can only be achieved if the measurement of growth is accurate.

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Material Includes

  • A comprehensive e-book on profitable broiler farming
  • Different lesson Hand outs in MS Word

Target Audience

  • Prospecting and existing broiler farmers in the backyard or at a farm
  • Those who want to take broiler farming as a hobby or income generating project.
  • Extension workers and Technical advisors to poultry farmers