Critical Factors on the FIRST SEVENTH DAYS OF DOC By Emmanuel Jacob

 Critical Factors include

1. Temperature

2. Lightning

3. Feed, feeding and water

4. Housing- spacing

5. Drugs and vaccination[ For today we shall be handling the first one Temperature Note that once you miss it on the first seventh days, the error will continue with that batch throughout their rearing period It’s an experience TEMPERATURE Very critical factor to the success of your chicks – in shortage and excess Poor temperature will affect feeding,caused dehydration, pneumonia…I visited a farm where I still found coal pot at 3rd week of rearing! Maintain a good temperature between 37-38  degree centigrade averagely on the first day to 3rd day Chicks can tell you the temperature condition of the brooding room When your birds refused to eat despite good lightning it’s a sign of high temperature They run from feeds and feeders When your birth open their mouths panting, raising the feathers as if to fly it’s sign of high temperature. When your birds run to the end corners of the brooding room, as if to be hiding it’s a sign of high temperature When you hear unusual noises and sound it a sign of high temperature When you see new birds stretch neck on the ground panting avoiding feeds it’s a sign of high temperature All things being equal, day old chicks should be active, eating, running around and drinking water On the other hand When you birds cluster together resting on each other is a sign of low temperature When your chicks gathered round your source of heat (coal pot, stove…) as if to jump into it is a sign of poor temperature Under a good temperature chicks will be evenly distributed on the floor, active, eating…Now source of heat also matter What you need is heat not fume or smoke Good Sources of heat include:

1.Brooder- electrical

2. Coal pot

3. Stove

4. Gas Due to our challenges our main source of heat in the country is coal pot and stove For coal pot use good charcoal that is well prepared set up the pot outside, allow the coal to set and observe and smoke, identify the charcoal emitting the smoke and remove it Using coal pot required regular check-up Don’t just set it up and go to bed You know it has no automatic control. Stove is also okay if you can set up the blue flame That’s what you need To be continued!

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