“Research Verified Poultry Farm Training–That Guarantee to Push Your Poultry Farm Output to At Least 90%”

Take Advantage of Docpol’s ‘Expert Training’ Service Today, And Get Between 0 to 5% Mortality or Death Rate

What You Get From Docpol ‘Expert Training’

Research Validated Weekly ‘To Do’ Delivered to You in Actionable Format

As you subscribe to Docpol’s Expert Training, you’ll receive research verified Weekly ‘To Do’ messages, delivered to you in actionable format.


  • 90% production throughout
  • 0% to 5% flock mortality rate (death rate)
  • Disease control and Remedies
  • Standard weight gain of your chicks
  • Uniform growth across your flock
  • Best farm practices instituted in your farm

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Drug Recommendation

Once you subscribe to Docpol Expert Training Service, you’ll have access to Expert Poultry Drugs Recommendations from our qualified veterinary doctors. .


  • Tailored remedies to disease emergencies
  • Right Drugs Prescriptions
  • Accurate Dosages
  • Best Drug Administration Guides
  • Save your birds from dying

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Chat/Call A Farm Expert m

When you subscribe to Docpol’s Expert Training, you can chat with or call our Poultry Farm Experts on daily basis.


  • On demand real time expert advice
  • Right answers to brooding and grow out questions
  • Right answers to marketing questions
  • Rate your birds by an expert
  • 24/7 Availability of poultry farm experts

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With all the mouthwatering benefits, loaded in our Expert Training Service, we could easily charge as much as N10, 000 monthly subscriptions and it will be justified. But because Docpol is mainly out to help small scale farmers succeed in their poultry farming business without any excuses…

Below is our Limited Time Expert Training Promo Prices

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7 Days Money Back Guarantee

In case you have any reason to be skeptical about our Expert Guide Services, you can subscribe to our expert guide service now and test it out for seven days (one week). And if within these seven days of using this service, you discover that our Expert Training is not for you and your poultry business, no problems. Just request for a refund of your subscription money and we’ll offer you a courteous refund. No questions asked.

Decision Time!

Having seen all the matchless benefits you stand to gain by subscribing to Docpol’s Training Guide, We believe the best time for you to start using our Expert Training Service is right now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Subscribe now at our special promo prices to start taking advantage of Docpol’s Expert Training Services to push your Poultry Farm output to at least 85%. Plus, get between 0 to 5%  death or mortality rate.

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To Your Farming Success,

The Docpol Team