“Docpol Poultry Investment Program”

Fund A Poultry Farm Operations Today And Get Returns in 4 Months–100% Guaranteed!


The need to increase the output of small holder poultry farmers in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized

Help fund the operation of a poultry farm in Nigeria

and get some great rewards as well!

Through our expert guide program, we have been able to institute best poultry management practices on our client’s farms all over Nigeria. We believe that when every variable is put in place and the major milestones tracked, the expected output will be achieved. We have gone further to partner with Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Company (NAIC) for and on behalf of every unit of poultry farm investment made on our platform which may lead to losses of broilers by way of indemnification. We have equally secured marketing deals with chicken processors for constant supply.

How it works:

  • You buy a block of poultry farm investment in units with a minimum of N50,000
  • We connect with our expert guide client who has a matching space (3days)
  • We perform due diligence, insurance and sign necessary agreements (3days)
  • We farm broilers for 10 weeks
  • We harvest and supply to processors and market (1week)
  • We account and return your investment with the accruing percentage profit

Farm Visits: This can be arranged for Farm investors on request.

Your deposit will fund the following:

  • specified number of day old broiler chicks,
  • every necessary vaccination,
  • feed till maturity,
  • insurance premium, and
  • expert guide fees
  • marketing cost

Invest in a small holder poultry farm and make returns!

10% (N5,000)
10% (20,000)
13% (N65,000)
15% (N150,000)


Duration for every block of units is 4months!

Invest Now!

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