There are various types of poultry diseases that seriously affect the poultry farming business. The reasons for these diseases are poor sanitation, poor management, malnutrition, outbreaks etc. For a successful poultry farming, you need to keep safe from all these diseases because they seriously affect both meat and egg production thereby chopping off your profit. When diseases occur, it can be so detrimental, and devastating to the poultry farmer

In a disease emergency, “report disease” service on can be your helpline. When you’re locked in fear of losing your birds, in need of instant remedy to abnormal conditions of your birds, or your birds are stuck in a potentially dangerous situation, or even facing down a climatic disease outbreak, docpol’s “report disease” service can help with just one click!!!

 How it works:

Buy report disease N1,000/month or N10,000/year. A communication channel will be opened to you for the paid period and you can report any disease or abnormally with your birds and get tailored solution by dedicated vet doctors and poultry experts in less than one hour!

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