The importance of natural sunlight & good ventilation to poultry birds:

light and airy ventilation in appropriate amount help bird to grow and has a way of stimulating vitamins and anti-oxidants in their body. To allow normal light morning sunlight from a poultry coop window or an opening has a way of stimulating their growth hormones and make them strong, instead of closing them up in a dark room in a cluster. Good airy ventilation is also important to the birds as it vents the poultry of foul odor from fowl dropping and makes your birds to have good fresh air and avoid heat stress in birds. Natural sunlight has been found to stimulate layers in egg laying also as it helps to stimulate their ovaries to mature eggs. So always allow little amount of sunlight and allow them to bask under the sunlight rays.Poultry birds enjoy adequate amount of sunlight as it also boost their immunity in a way and help them withstand cold stress especially after a heavy rain through the night. Artificial lighting system will not give you what good natural light can give. Natural light improve fertility of your birds. So don’t close them up always in a dark room with not much airspace and ventilation which can propagate spread of disease. And always keep their lives litter dry as much as possible. Sometimes you may bring them out to roam a little while outside their coop to have a breath of fresh air for some mins

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