We give the opportunity for new and existing poultry farmers to learn more about brooding and raising chickens for meat and eggs either managing their own farm or working as a poultry farm manager, supervisor or attendant leading to proper management of either a small-scale or commercial poultry enterprise that will be profitable

Trainees will be exposed to all aspects of poultry keeping on a commercial and semi-commercial scale. There will be practical questions, and discussion with trainees throughout

The training targets men and women who may be already raising poultry or have shown interest in poultry production but who require further knowledge in the area. We maintain the individual interest of our trainees throughout the course by mixing its content with demonstrations, illustrations and spiced with humour wherever possible! Our training modules maintain the standard of poultry industry and its constantly updated.

You can be trained specifically in either: Inorganic poultry, organic poultry or feed formulation or all of them as one course!

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