Why Most Poultry Farmers Suck at Poultry Farming


The word ‘suck’ is a term used for referring to something that is bad. That is, something done without the commensurate or expected result…

 According to urbandictionary.com, the term originated from jazz musicians. The early Jazz musicians would say that someone could really “Blow” if he had a good sound when playing thehorn…

 If he couldn’t play very well, then they would say he was “Sucking” on that horn. That’s where the term “Suck” as being something bad came from…

Bringing this term to poultry farming, it is a verifiable fact that a select few poultry farmers are doing quite very well in poultry farming. And in our Nigerian term, we can say these select few, Poultry Farmers “Don Blow”.  

While on the other bad hand, a greater number of poultry farmers, really suck at Poultry Farming. And the reasons below are the major reasons why most Poultry Farmers, suck at poultry farming…

  1. Lack of Good Business Management Skills: The number one and major reason, why many people, who venture into poultry farming suck big time, is lack of good business management skills. Poultry business is like every other business. If it is not properly managed, you won’t make any substantial profit out of it. There is no two ways about that.

  2. Lack of Proper Disease Management Know how: Apart from lack of proper business management skill, another biggest reason concerning the failure of so many poultry farmers, is improper disease management skill. One of the major doom of poultry farming is disease outbreak.

     Someone can have up to 50 chickens, and virtually overnight, only 10 could be left alive. So many folks who go into poultry farming do not get adequate knowledge of poultry disease management. So they end up sucking.
  • Lack of Effective Feed Management Knowledge: Many people say poultry business is very capital intensive. And poultry feeds are the major cost factor in poultry farming. And if a farmer does not know how to properly manage feeds, she would definitely fail. And more so, if she doesn’t know how to produce some of her own poultry feeds, she is sure to suck at poultry farming.

  • Inadequate Environmental Control Skill: If any farmer must succeed in poultry farming, he must be very knowledgeable on how to manage environmental factors. Such as Air, Temperature, Light, Pests, etc… Inadequate knowledge on how to control these environmental factors, often leads to the poor results of many poultry farmers.

  • Ineffective Poultry Marketing Strategies: It is a very well known fact that effective marketing strategies are the life-blood of any thriving business. And Poultry farming is not an exemption. Research has proven that many poultry farmers often employ ineffective marketing strategies in selling their poultry products. And this is one of the major reasons why many poultry farmers suck at poultry farming.

Conclusion: The above list highlights the major reasons, most poultry farmers suck at poultry farming. And as a solution to this issue of inadequate knowledge, the Docpol Expert Guide team has just launched an E-book titled: “Poultry Farm Profit Strategies”. The E-book reveals in clear details:

  1. Powerful Poultry Profit Maximization Strategies
  2. Advanced  Poultry Disease Management Tactics
  3. Effective Poultry Feed Management Techniques
  4. Research Verified, Poultry Farming Environmental Control Methods
  5. Cutting Edge, Poultry Marketing and Sales Tactics
  6. And much, much, more—covered in pin-point details…

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2 Responses on this post

  1. I have read your article with rapt attention and I totally agree with all the above listed factors, however I want to also opine that “Nigeria factor” is a big another big impediment that could make poultry farmers suck.

    Generally speaking people are not honest in our clime, there are too many fake feed materials, people thrive in stealing feeds ingredients, they thrive in selling sub standard feed materials, lack of commitment to job is another “Nigerian factor” that may make poultry farmer sucks.

    Workers hardly get committed, they engage in product (Egg) stealing not minding the cost of production. Workers hardly get motivated, irrespective of what farmer offers, labours expect to get something (pilfering) behind their employer in Nigeria. Therefore I will sum it up by saying human management is another factor that can make poultry farmer sucks

    I do not want to take all the space here but I think public enlightenment is the point to start, for farmers.

    When people see farming as profession, tendency is they will “blow” and while they still see farming as a lotto scheme where you just come to grab some money, then such farmer will likely sucks in the short run.

    Keep it coming, you guys at Docpol are the best !

    Ola Fadiora

    1. Ola Thanks for your comment.
      I also paid rapt attention to your comment.

      I also agree with all your points here.

      Then as for the Nigerian factor, I believe proper management skill can still mitigate some of those factors. For instance, I think the pilfering issue can be mitigated to a very great extent with proper accounting.

      Then as for your last point, I totally agree with you that treating poultry farming as business will definitely help many poultry farmers blow.

      Once again, thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

      Best Regards,